PFS Projects

Non Combustable Gas Upgrade

Wairakei Powerstation removed non combustable gas from their condensers using a steam system. The project was to upgrade the system therby using the steam to generate more power. The system included:

  • remove and replace new structual frame to support all vessels and piping.
  • replace has header pipe from condenser to the NCG system
  • New steam line with block and blled valves
  • New cyclone vessels
  • New stainless steel piping down to NCG skid
  • Install and connect NCG skid from USA which vacuum pumps
  • Replace transformer, 11KV and other power and control cabling
  • New platform and walkway and new elctrical control cabinets at high level.
  • Reinjection of condensate into the outfall ducting below the powerstation
  • Insulation of Steam piping.