Electrical Cabinets



Part Number
  • CAB.SSFR.332 300Hx300Wx200D FR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSFR.342 300Hx400Wx200D FR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSFR.432 400Hx300Wx200D FR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSFR.462 460Hx600Wx200D FR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSFR.652 600Hx500Wx200D FR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSFR.662 600Hx600Wx200D FR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSSR.332 300Hx300Wx200D SR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSSR.342 300Hx400Wx200D SR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSSR.432 400Hx300Wx200D SR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSSR.462 460Hx460Wx200D SR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSSR.562 500Hx600Wx200D SR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSSR.652 600Hx500Wx200D SR SS CABINET
  • CAB.SSSR.662 600Hx600Wx200D SR SS CABINET
An ideal cabinet for wet area application. These are currently in use in:
  • Freezing Works
  • Dairy Companies
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Oil Refineries
  • Food Industries

Cabinets complete with:
  • Hinged Door
  • Earth Stud
  • Gear Plates
  • Sealed Door
  • Wing Knob
  • Optional Key Locks Available

Manufactured in 1.6mm 304 BA Stainless Steel.
Gear Plate: 3mm Mild Steel Powder Coated White.
These cabinets can be constructed in either Sloping or Flat Roof Design:
FR = Flat Roof
SR = Sloping Roof
As well as our stock range we can also supply to customers special requirements, so please contact us to discuss your needs.
Prices are also available for additions of Wall Mounts and Gland Plates if required.



Part Number
  • BOX.SSPU.115 100Hx100Wx50D SS PULLIN BOX
  • BOX.SSPU.151 150Hx150Wx100D SS PULLIN BOX
  • BOX.SSPU.155 150Hx150Wx150D SS PULLIN BOX
  • BOX.SSPU.225 200Hx200Wx150D SS PULLIN BOX
  • BOX.SSPU.335 300Hx300Wx150D SS PULLIN BOX

Dairy / other industries as above used as terminal boxes.
One Piece Neoprene rubber Seal, Screw fixed lid.
1.2mm 3042B, Stainless steel, Acid cleaned.


Part Number
  • BOX.ALPI.450 450 W ALI PILLAR BOX 1000x450
  • BOX.ALPI.650 650 W ALI PILLAR BOX 1000x650
  • BOX.ALPI.850 850 W ALI PILLAR BOX 1000x850

FINISH: Powder Coated (Green) outside only
LOCKS: Swing handle
SIZES: 1000x450, 1000x650, 1000x850

Power Board Distribution for Sub Divisions, Remote Pump Station Controls and Mariner.
Marine grade aluminum, Powder Coated outside.

Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets

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