PFS Projects

Yashili Pipe Bridge

Design for the pipe bridge was completed by Babbage with a full fabrication set of drawings being completed by PFS.

Once the pipe bridge was fabricated and coated, the unit was landed in 2 completed spans in our yard. Our ASME welders fitted the pipe to the bridge and Best Insulation completed the cladding.

Due to the 30m length of the main span, specialist transport was provided by Roach’s, the unit loaded to truck and Jinka and trucked to pokeno.
Once on site, a twin crane lift was reguired to place the main span on the towers followed by the shorter roadway span. Pipe ranging from 50mm SS to 300mm SS and gas and steam carbon pipe was joined were the spans met. To complete the QA package, a hydro was conducted to certify the completed lines.

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Location: Yashili dairy factory in Pokeno
Industry: Dairy