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OJI Fibre Evaporators

During the September shut in 2016 PFS was engaged by OJI Fibre Solutions to complete the 4th effect shell and 1B lamella replacement. We had a strict deadline of 11 days to complete the works.

The shut period started off very well and by the second day the old 4th effect shell had been removed. This lift required a 400T mobile crane with stiffening rig to allow the 60T vessel and lamella to be removed.

Upon entering the vessels there were a few surprises with extra steel around the support structure making it slightly more difficult to remove the lamellas out of both vessels. The team worked determinedly day and night; rain, hail or shine (sometimes all within the hour!).

The project was delivered late on 10th day - ahead of the original schedule. The client and PFS were both pleased with the outcome on the shut and would like to thank the team that worked tirelessly to make it happen.

Customer: OJI Fibre Solutions
Location: Kinleith
Industry: Pulp and Paper
OJI Fibre Evaporators