PFS Projects


NZ Steel have traditionally procured this sort of work from Europe. By getting PFS to do the work the lead time was significantly reduced.

Key Features of the KOBM Skirt:
•‘Hockey stick’ Boiler Tubing Sch80 Pipe connected to 2# header pipes to form skirt.
•Boiler tubing with 180 deg bends at to return flow back to header
•Specialized jig designed for the fabrication of the skirt.
•Hydro was planned by Project Engineers to get it properly vented and drained.
•3rd Party NDT of all boiler tube welding to ASME code.
•Fabrication to zero tolerance to fit Skirt to existing process plant.

•Rolling headers to the exact circumference to fit perfectly on jig design.
•Fitting the two headers together with very limited clearance.
•Template, ex 3D design, to fix all refractory 1200 off twigs in perfect position.
•Welding each end of 140 off 180 degree bends to boiler tubing to comply with code and specifications.
•A special frame designed and used to vent all air as the assembly was filled for Hydro.
•After hydro high pressure heated air was used to remove water and dry tubes
•Successful Installation during a short shut due to preplanning and high quality fabrication

Customer: NZ Steel
Location: Glenbrook
Industry: Industrial Plants