• Specialists in Stainless Steel Fabrication and Site Installation
  • Dedicated Stainless Steel workshop
  • Design and fabrication of plant for operating food or dairy industry plants.
PFS Stainless Steel division is a dedicated clean workshop specializing in complex fabrication servicing multiple industries. As with all PFS facilities the workshops are intricately supported by our comprehensive design team who are well versed with in all aspects of process plant design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Our design team are solutions focused and will work with you to conceptualise working design and liaise integrally to develop an end product that will improve productivity and reduce maintenance and down time.

Supplement to processing plant design and builds PFS Stainless carries a catalogue of electrical cabinetry designed for fast turn around service to industry. Custom cabinetry can also be tailored to specific requirements.

PFS Stainless is proud to be providing an exceptional level of quality and service predominantly to growing dairy, poultry, food processing and material handling industries.

PFS will design and manage through our production line facility large scopes of specialist pressure pipe work to any diameter and has capability to spool using a vast range of exotic materials. PFS has over 60 welding procedures suited to all client needs. PFS will generate specialist welding procedures as required by specific client needs. PFS shall test, deliver and install on site meeting the highest of quality and safety requirements.

Pipe Spooling - Stainless