Worsley Multi-Fuel Cogen Project-Condensate Treatment Plant


Supply, fabrication, assembly and testing of skid based Condensate TreatmentTreatment plant to the Worsley Multi-Fuel Cogen Project in Collie, WA.
Three identical skids in total fabricated, assembeld, tested in our Hamilton workshops and shipped to site.
Condensate polishing involves ion exchange technology for the removal of minerals and suspended matter. Condensate is formed from the cooling process of steam generated from power plants. It is then processed through the Condensate Treatment Plant and used as boiler feed water.
CPP Process skids include the following (3 train process):

  • Three 32t skids including pipe spooling from 25NB up to 300NB all fabricated to AS4041 and hydro tested as assembled using up to 5500 litres of Demineralized water. All welding pickled and passivated and NDT as per specification.
  • Fabrication of structural steel skids to AS1554 with dimensions L13500mm x W5800mm x H4300mm blasted and painted on site.
  • Fabrication of carbon steel Resin Trap Pressure vessels to AS1210 for mixed bed exchanger outlet with wedge wire internal filter.
  • Full assembly of all three trains including electrical installation comprising of HDG ladder rack runs, full cable fit out, termination of all actuated valves, instruments and earthing of all rack and components.
  • Transported from our PFS workshop to the Port of Auckland and shipped to the Port of Fremantle. All PFS care.
  • Customer: Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies
    Location: Australia
    Industry: Water Treatment Plant,Skids,Piping

    Worsley Multi-Fuel Cogen Project-Condensate Treatment Plant

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