Condong & Broadwater Condensers


Sunshine Electricity chose us to build them condensers for a Sugar mill biomass cogeneration water plant. 2 condensers were fabricated and exported to Australia to be installed at Condong and Broadwater power plants in New South Wales.
The size of each condenser was 11 meters long with 3 meter diameter and weight around 50 tons. The size of the steam inlet was 6x3x3 meters and weight around 9 tons. The hotwell was 4x2x2 meters in size with the weight of around 4 tons.

  • Condensers for a Sugar Mill Biomass Cogeneration Water Plant
  • Fabricate and export 2 Condensers to Condong and Broadwater power plants in New South Wales
  • Condensers are11m long, 3m diameter and 50 tonne. Steam Inlet - 6x3x3m and 9 tonne. Hotwell - 4x2x2m and 4 tonne
  • Each condenser has 3,300 tubes which pass through 22 sag plates and are expanding into tube plates (316L and Duplex)
  • Fixed to each one will be a steam inlet and a hot well
  • Barrel, hotwell and steam inlet, constructed out of 16mm boiler plate
  • 3m diameter flanges and matching cover plates, constructed out of 60mm boiler plate
  • All components profile cut by PFS, including sag plates, flanges, cover plates and stiffeners

Customer: Sunshine Electricity,Downer EDI
Location: Australia
Industry: Condensers

Condong & Broadwater Condensers

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