PFS Projects

KINLEITH  #4 Recovery Boiler

PFS over the last few decades has worked with the client during shuts on the Kinleith Mill to upgrade their boilers.
In 2019 PFS scope and achievements on the BLR4 Upgrade included:
•24/7 operation for 12 days running
•50 men onsite including management
•Over 5500 hours completed in this period
•Finished 1 day under with 1 day delay at the beginning
•1000 hours completed of extra scope items
•H&S Statistics 0 LTI, 0 MTI
•Savings gained on performance to client
•100% pass on hydro first time

Customer: OJI Fibre Solutions
Location: Kinleith Pulp and Paper Mill
Industry: Pulp and Paper
KINLEITH  #4 Recovery Boiler