PFS Projects

Bush Rigs - Project

Design,fabrication,installation and 'readiness for forest' for brand new excavators going straight into
FORESTRY operation.

PFS have a production line facility aimed at high quality and fast completion of bush rigs to enable new owner to get into operation ASAP.

PFS Bush rig conversion includes:

  • Research and Development to innovate and improve the bush rig for forestry use.
  • Devlopment of a PFS All purpose cab to fit all excavtors used in the forrest.
  • All purpose cab designed for looking up into trees rather than excavtor cab design for looking into a hole.
  • Devlopement of rear entry all purpose cab.
  • Development of forrestry booms to suit all machines
  • 'Armour plating' and strengthening of machines cladding for work in the bush
  • Added services for bush work such as LED lights, bullet proof glass, demsiter and 'sunroof'
  • Comprehensive 3D modelling.
  • Modifications to new machines to fit new design.
  • Fabrication and assembly of ROPs to new machines.
    -Full painting, and sign off in readiness for machines to hit the forest.
    -Complete quality control.

    Customer: Dealers for 20-50t Diggers
    Location: North Island
    Industry: Forestry
    Bush Rigs - Project